What we do

Everything we do at JBA Bentley focuses on the following categories - click each one to learn more:

Our clients

We use our expertise and ingenuity to develop and deliver low carbon and sustainable solutions by:

  • Listening to our clients to understand their requirements
  • Using our collective expertise to develop and deliver the right solution
  • Involving design, construction and other key stakeholders to assess buildability and operability from the outset
  • Using our industry leading carbon toolkit to retain a relentless focus on reducing carbon
When our clients need it:
  • By driving efficient delivery through integrated delivery teams, which bring together our design, construction, commissioning and commercial expertise with our supply chain to create empowered high performing teams
  • Within a lean, flat, client focussed structure that permits quick and agile decision-making;
  • Delivered through our dynamic and collaborative approach to planning, involving all key parties and team members at all levels.
  • Delivered directly by our own design, construction and plant resources, giving us the control and agility to react to our clients' needs.
At the right price…
  • By controlling cost through early involvement to ensure design and scope certainty, with the effective management of risks, opportunities and delivery programmes
  • Providing cost certainty through real-time cost capture and integrated commercial management, tracking and reporting
  • Keeping costs down through direct delivery; using our own in-house design, construction and plant resources
  • By embracing our Quality, Cost & Efficiency Strategy – an internal strategy that keeps quality, cost reduction and efficiency gains at the forefront of our minds to deliver value for our clients
Effectively managing risks and opportunities:
  • Health and safety – by taking an inclusive yet uncompromising approach to health & safety – “if we cannot do it safely, we will not do it”.
  • Environmental – by designing solutions that make a positive environmental difference, delivered responsibly.
  • Quality – is all about getting things right first time. Our TQM systems set the standards, and our proportional yet rigorous assurance supports efficient delivery.
  • Cost – real time cost capture, effective risk management and direct delivery ensures cost control and cost certainty.
  • Time – collaborative planning, using our own resources, delivered through empowered and integrated delivery teams gives us the agility to react to our clients needs.
  • Reputation – by taking an integrated and inclusive approach to solution development, allied with safe, responsible and considerate delivery.
For the benefit of our clients, their stakeholders and the community:
  • By focussing on social outcomes – considering broader benefits of our works from the outset.
  • By developing solutions with our clients with a clear understanding that the community are the ultimate beneficiaries of our works, aligning social objectives with technical solutions.
  • Delivered considerately and responsibly – minimising the impact of our works on the community.

Our services

We offer a broad and flexible range of services from project concept through to completion. We recognise that every client is different and adapt our services to suit their needs. Project appraisal, feasibility and early contractor involvement (ECI)
We work with our clients to help understand their challenges. We can carry out early investigations and surveys, stakeholder engagement, develop and model different options, assess environmental impacts and benefits, and analyse the commercials. As an integrated design and build contractor, our clients benefit from complete advice on technical solutions, asset optimisation, decommissioning, value engineering, buildability and risk management. Design
From outline solutions through to detailed design, our in-house design team can draw upon a vast range of expertise from across our group, with access to best practice from a host of sectors.
Design is not carried out in isolation: our construction and commissioning staff are involved at every stage to gives us a complete view of opportunities and risks. This ensures that buildability is assessed from the outset to get things right first time. Civil engineering and construction works
We are a contractor that takes responsibility for all aspects of construction, delivering works using our own large pool of directly employed colleagues and resources. This ensures that everyone works to the high standards that we demand for managing safety, the environment, time, cost and quality. Our multi-skilled construction gangs allow us to react flexibly to the needs of our clients. Commissioning and handover
Our in-house commissioning engineers are part of our project delivery team to ensure asset optimisation. They carry out the relevant inspections, testing and training prior to handover.

Our expertise

Our integrated delivery teams are experts in delivering:

  • Fluvial, tidal and coastal flood defences works including wave and scour protection, impounding and conveyance structures.
  • Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control and automation (MEICA) works, including pumping stations, barriers, sluices, penstocks and other water level management control structures.
  • Maritime works including quay walls, jetties, breakwaters, dolphins, pontoons and linkspans.
  • Natural flood management solutions, such as flood storage reservoirs, earth embankments, direct defences, dredging and managed realignment.
  • Catchment and river restoration works drawing on our ecology, engineering, geomorphology, hydrology, GIS and modelling specialists.
  • Waterways works including landing stages, moorings and portage points.
  • Water Framework Compliance works, including technical and non-technical fish passes, screening
  • Ground engineering , land remediation and landscaping.
  • Water treatment, storage and conveyance; from clean to waste to the active and passive treatment of minewater.
  • Traditional structures and building, including estates infrastructure (access, utilities, waste, security, etc.) offices, production, warehousing and distribution facilities.
Our integrated delivery teams are able to draw on our extensive network of in-house expertise covering a host of technical disciplines, depending on each projects requirements.

Our capabilities

  • New to Old – we’re here to help, whether it’s to build new assets, inspect and/or refurbish existing assets, or decommission old assets
  • Project concept to completion – we offer our clients support throughout the project lifecycle, but tailor our approach to suit their needs
  • Design and/or build – we’re here to help, whether it for design, build only, or design and build
  • One off projects to programmes of work – we’re here for our clients, whether they need one project, or multiple projects delivering
  • Planned to reactive – we’re able to react quickly and flexibly to support our clients when they need it most, with a demonstrated track record of carrying out emergency works
  • North to South, East to West – wherever our clients need us, we’re able to provide support anywhere across the UK.
  • Simple to complex solutions – delivering projects from £50k to £30m+