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We care about staying safe 

At JBA Bentley, we value the contributions that our colleagues make, but above all we care about their health, safety and wellbeing.

We believe that all workplace injuries and ill-health are preventable and take an inclusive yet uncompromising approach:


"If we cannot do it safely, we will not do it."


Safety should be a positive experience, where people make better choices with the help of their teams. We’ve worked hard to build a sustainable culture where everyone takes responsibility for their teams, their colleagues and their own health and safety. Because we care about compliance we maintain the standards that keep us safe. Because we care about each other we stay safe.

Alongside our Health & Safety Strategy, our Wellbeing Strategy supports our colleagues physically, financially and emotionally. We aim to create an environment where our colleagues are happy, healthy and safe, enabling everyone to fulfil their potential. 

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