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Hensall Barrier

Project: Hensall Barrier Bank Modifications

Location: Goole, Humberside

Value band: £5-10m

Client: Environment Agency

To mitigate the effects of mining subsidence on flood defences to 500 properties,  we raised and extended the flood embankment at Hensall, installing temporary piles in advance of main construction to maintain a 1.3% AEP standard of flood protection. 

Through proactive project management and positive team working, we were able to respond to the infamous 2015/16 winter floods and deal with greater than predicted subsidence.  Rapid collaborative design reviews, emergency work and contingency arrangements all contributed to the successful response.

Snaith Ings

Project: Snaith Ings Reservoir

Location: Goole, Humberside

Value band: £1m-5m

Client: Environment Agency

At Snaith Ings, on the banks of the River Ouse, repairs were made to the flood bank, including 1100m of sheet piling and the construction of an 800m-long earth bund, reusing material excavated on site.   

We challenged the original scope, demonstrating that asset improvements were only required at high risk locations. Our solution satisfied the project requirements whilst avoiding unnecessary work, achieving an efficiency of £1.6m, 50% of the original cost estimate.

Morpeth FAS Phase 3

Project: Morpeth Flood Alleviation Scheme Phase 3

Location: Morpeth, Northumberland

Value band: £1m-5m

Client: Environment Agency

More: WaterProjectsOnline

The Morpeth Flood Alleviation Scheme has been delivered in 3 phases. Phases 1 and 2 saw defences and a large flood storage dam constructed; phase 3 saw further flood alleviation works in the form of tree poles and a flood storage dam, delivered by JBA Bentley. 

We identified a local source for the embankment fill needed to construct the dam: surplus material from the nearby Morpeth bypass scheme less than one mile away met the geotechnical specification so with CL:AIRE protocols followed, we were able to generate a carbon saving of 71t and cost reduction of £85,000.  

Spring Gardens Dam

Project: Spring Gardens Dam

Location: County Durham

Client: Environment Agency

Spring Gardens is a flood storage dam that required stabilisation after depressions appeared in an adjacent field, caused by surface water draining into porous ground beneath. 

Remediation came in the form of drilling and grouting over 850 holes in disused mine workings beneath the site.  We also designed and constructed a new inlet channel to re-direct the flow of the river back to its original route.

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