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Our mission at JBA Bentley is simple – to use our ingenuity and expertise to develop and deliver sustainable low carbon solutions that make a positive difference to our clients and our communities.

This guides each and every project - some of which you can learn more about in the links below.

Pumping stations

Some of our most high-profile projects have seen us provide solutions centred on new pumping stations.

Lantern House shotcrete.jpg


Projects involving new structures often see us work in the heart of the community, meaning engagement is key.

Tidal and coastal

Working within the many constraints that come with tidal and coastal projects is something we are well accustomed with!



It's not all large multi-million-pound projects - we're adept at delivering small value schemes at multiple sites all at once. 

Mine water treatment

We've a long association with the Coal Authority, delivering solutions that treat mine water and improve the environment

Lynemouth Aeration Cascade.JPG


We borrow from our experience in the UK water sector to deliver innovative solutions at reservoirs sites.

Fast response

With a large directly employed labour workforce, you can call upon us at short notice when emergencies arise.

02 Feb - Floods Chinook - TRY GET PERMIS
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