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We care about delivering value 

We understand that our clients are under continuous pressure to deliver more for less; it’s a challenge that we’re familiar with and one that we embrace.

We believe that it is possible to deliver more for less and add value for our clients. Our Quality, Cost & Efficiency Strategy focuses our collective minds on removing waste, minimising non-value adding activities and maximising value in everything that we do. The strategy provides us with a framework to capture, review and share learnings across our group to get things right first time, reduce cost and realise efficiencies - to ultimately deliver quality in a cost and efficient way.

The vast networks of technical expertise across our group provide us with access to new ideas, best practice and innovations from a host of disciplines and sectors. This drives efficiency in design development and helps to us to find better, safer and more sustainable solutions to challenges facing our clients.

We’re constantly finding smarter ways to work. Our digital transformation programme has already driven improvement at every stage of delivery; from data capture, optioneering and design, pre-construction, construction through to commissioning and handover. 

We seek to deliver efficiencies in how we deliver our works too. We use lean and integrated delivery teams, which bring together design, construction and commercial expertise, with the support of specialist disciplines and our supply chain when required. Our integrated delivery teams are client focussed, agile and empowered.
We aim to deliver projects using our own design, construction, commissioning and plant resources. This reduces on-costs and gives greater control and agility to respond to our clients’ needs. 

"Because we care about quality, cost and efficiency we deliver value for our clients."

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