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Tidal and coastal

Great Yarmouth

Project: Great Yarmouth Tidal Defence Project

Location: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Value band: £20m+

Client: Environment Agency

Awards: British Construction Industry Awards - Environment and Sustainability Initiative of the Year

NEC Martin Barnes Awards - Runner-Up - Contractor of the Year

Great Yarmouth has a history of flooding; in 2013, 9,000 people were urged to evacuate when the highest ever tide was recorded on the town’s river.

We have refurbished 4km of existing flood defence walls, raising defences and installing cathodic protection. Instead of just replacing quay piling as originally proposed, we refurbished existing defences, reducing costs on this element
of works by 47% and carbon by 60%.

Outstrays to Skeffling Managed Realignment

Project: Outstrays to Skeffling Managed Realiangment

Location: Humberside

Client: Environment Agency

More: EA project website

As the Humber Estuary is a designated site of nature conservation, any habitat lost due to intervention must be compensated to preserve and protect the wildlife.


JBA Bentley is undertaking a planned managed realignment scheme at Skeffling, which involves building a new embankment further inland and breaching the old embankment, to allow sea water through the breach to create intertidal habitats. 

The new areas of saltmarsh and mudflat will provide habitats and food for a variety of bird species found within the estuary.


Additional social benefits of the scheme include improved flood protection, opportunities to improve agricultural drainage, and opportunities for industrial and economic growth in the Humber ports.  Works started on site in the summer of 2021 and will continue through to late 2024; we’re only on site between spring and autumn due to important restrictions surrounding local habitats.

South Ferriby Flood Alleviation Scheme

Project: Winteringham to South Ferriby Flood Alleviation Scheme

Location: Humberside

Value band: £5m-10m

Client: Environment Agency

Awards: CECA Yorkshire & Humber - Linda Grant H&S Award

International Green Apple Awards - Gold Winner - Climate Change

ICE Yorkshire & Humber - Centenary Award - Certificate of Excellence

Constructing Excellence Yorkshire & Humber - Project of the Year - Highley Commended 

More: WaterProjectsOnline

In 2013, South Ferriby suffered £50m worth of damage following flooding from the River Humber.


We have since constructed new flood defences designed to protect 110 residential properties and a large CEMEX cement factory from future flooding. Working closely with CEMEX meant that they were able to supply us with 240,000t of clay, rather than importing the material from 50 miles away, reducing carbon on this project by 10,000t.

Mablethorpe Coastal Outfall

Project: Mablethorpe Coastal Outfall

Location: Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire

Value band: <£1m

Client: Environment Agency

More: WaterProjectsOnline

We replaced old concrete pitched stone haunching along an outfall tunnel after it had badly deteriorated, creating a safety hazard for the general public visiting the beach.

To overcome the limitations of working between tidal windows, we specified materials with quick curing properties but without compromising the quality of the end product. We also programmed the works to take place outside of the main tourist windows. 

Chantry Cottages

Project: Chantry Cottages

Location: Goole, Humberside

Value band: £5m-10m

Client: Environment Agency

Our client had concerns about the stability of the channel bank and foreshore of the Dutch River near Goole.  Having pinpointed the area of unstable banking, we delivered a three-phase scheme to reduce the risk of flooding to surrounding areas and properties at times of high tides. 

The solution saw us construct a permanent flood defence using a combination of sheet and Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling, steel tendons and rock armour to reinforce the embankment.

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