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JBA Bentley supporting major flood scheme in York

JBA Bentley is continuing its legacy of work in the city of York by beginning the latest in a line of important flood defence schemes.

The £45m series of improvements being made across York by the Environment Agency (EA) and their contract partners will improve protection for 2,000 properties.

The scope of work includes complex underground engineering to install a 6m-deep 240m-long semi-permeable barrier. The barrier will prevent flood water from seeping through the ground and undermining overground defences.

Tony Moran, director for JBA Bentley, said, "We are proud to be supporting the Environment Agency’s work to better protect the people and businesses of York from flooding.

“We have been working in the city since 2015 on the emergency response works at the Foss Barrier and have continued to the present day. In this time, we have fully replaced the Foss Barrier and pumping station and completed flood defence works in the Memorial Gardens and the Wellington Row/North Street area.

“Our work that has recently commenced in the Clementhorpe area will better protect another additional community in the city.”

Read about recent JBA Bentley flood schemes – and more – in the projects section of our website.



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