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JBA Bentley reaches milestone of 1 million hours worked without a RIDDOR injury

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Last month, JBA Bentley reached the impressive milestone of 1 million hours worked across their frameworks with the Environment Agency, without a RIDDOR injury.

The last reportable injury recorded across the frameworks was back in November 2018. Over the past 21 months since, the team have sustained high levels of safety and environmental reporting and continued to share best practice to reach this milestone.

During this week our teams are holding a series of stand downs on sites and in (virtual) offices – part of a ‘Positive Safety Week’ – to celebrate their achievement and take a look back on the journey to 1 million hours without a RIDDOR injury.

Positive Safety Week - 1 million hours without a RIDDOR:

  • Monday 28th September – to start the week, a recorded podcast by Operations Director, Ian Bester, Operations Managers Jon Fitton and Tom Lewis and QES Lead for the framework, Peter Long was rolled-out to site and design teams. This took a look back on the journey to 1 million hours without a RIDDOR and reinforced the important key message that 1 million hours does not mark the end of a journey. Instead it is a key milestone along the way to achieving our vision of ‘ZERO injuries and instances of environmental harm and the prevention of occupational ill-health.’

  • Wednesday 30th September – on Wednesday our Site Agents and Design Leads led a presentation with their teams which highlighted some great examples of best practice and positive safety behaviours, all of which have contributed to achieving this milestone.

  • Friday 2nd October – to finish the week, our teams will take part in a service avoidance quiz to re-fresh and refocus on the risks associated with above and underground services.

Commenting on the team’s hard work, Operations Director, Ian Bester said,, "At the end of August we surpassed 1 million hours without a RIDDOR across our frameworks with the Environment Agency. Collectively, we haven’t just achieved this milestone through luck, we’ve achieved it because we’ve built a team and a culture that understands the importance of:

  • Good planning;

  • Effective communication;

  • Being collectively engaged in delivering excellent health, safety, environmental and wellbeing performance;

  • Looking out for each other and providing or receiving challenge positively and;

  • Having a desire to continually do things better.

"Thank you and well done to everyone. I look forward to the next 1 million safe hours!"



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