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JBA Bentley founding company is 50!

Updated: Jan 20

JBA Bentley founding company, JN Bentley, celebrates its 50th anniversary today.

Civil engineering contractor JN Bentley joined forces with JBA Consulting – one of Europe’s leading specialists in environmental engineering and management – to form JBA Bentley in 2013.

But it was back on this day (7 December) in 1972 that JN Bentley was founded. With roots firmly in Yorkshire, it has grown in the years since and now delivers projects with valued clients in a variety of sectors across the UK.

A rich heritage

JN Bentley began life principally involved in water and sewerage works for the water authorities in Yorkshire, as well as civil engineering works with local councils.

It added general building projects to its portfolio in the mid-70s before turning its attention to civil engineering schemes such as pipelines and pumping stations.

The organisation increased the range and scale of its building projects in the 1980s, working with the likes of Rolls-Royce and the Metal Improvement Company, with whom it delivered its very first £1m project.

The 1990s saw a more civil engineering-focused business once again, particularly through strengthening links with Yorkshire Water. This led to the formation of the hugely successful Mott MacDonald Bentley (MMB) joint venture in 1999. The fully integrated design and build organisation remains a cornerstone for the company’s continued success in the water industry.

The relationship with Mott MacDonald strengthened further in 2014 when JN Bentley joined the Mott MacDonald Group; in the years since, £2bn of work has been delivered together.

JN Bentley in 2022

Today, JN Bentley can boast a varied client base, built on trust and the continued delivery of first-class projects. This includes seven of the UK’s largest water companies as well as Canal & River Trust, local authorities and industrial building clients such as Rolls-Royce, Procter & Gamble and Associated British Ports.

And as it closes in on its tenth birthday, JBA Bentley itself continues to focus on the safe and efficient delivery of low carbon solutions with the likes of the Environment Agency and Coal Authority.

JN Bentley continues to innovate, with a keen focus on digital transformation, sustainability and carbon – all whilst remaining true to its core values of directly employing people and keeping them safe and happy at work.

Here’s to the next 50 years!


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