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ICYMI: JBA Bentley and the Coal Authority

Earlier this year, JBA Bentley launched its latest annual review, taking a look back on the last 12 months in the organisation. Check out an extract below, focusing on JBA Bentley and JN Bentley's work with the Coal Authority, which now spans 17 years.

17 not-out with the Coal Authority

In the seventeen consecutive years we have worked together, JN Bentley and the Coal Authority have tackled complex engineering problems together to treat mine water and improve the environment in mining areas right across the UK.

From building new treatment facilities – including cascades, lagoons and reed beds – to structural repairs and refurbishment works, we’ve done it all. In 2021 we continued to deliver projects on two lots under the Authority’s £72m Mine Water Treatment Civil Engineering, Refurbishment and Minor Works framework.

Polkemmet Mine Water Treatment Scheme

At Polkemmet in Scotland, we are making £3.5m of improvements to the existing mine water treatment scheme (MWTS). We are developing the site by building new settlement lagoons and aeration cascade, refurbishing reed beds and upgrading the pumping station to allow for the long-term control of mine water in the area.

Using the Moata Carbon Portal to monitor and manage carbon throughout the project, we are on track to achieve a carbon saving of 39% against the baseline. Contributors to this include a reduction in fill material in the lagoons, lowering each by 160mm, and the elimination of 200+ wagon movements by reusing site-won material.

Whittle MWTS

When pipework collapsed, rendering an access track impassable, at Whittle MWTS, we were engaged to remove and replace the 450mm culvert which was buried 4m deep. Pace in project delivery was important as the access track was the sole vehicle access to the works’ pumping station. Full engagement from the site team in our 3 Levels of Planning process, including a full breakdown of day-by-day targets, saw us reduce programme by 25%, re-establishing access a full week early.


We improved the existing mine water treatment scheme at Bullhouse by building a new in-situ concrete aeration cascade and distribution channel. Delivered largely in-house by our own teams, we reduced carbon by securing the old cascade with a manhole cover and steel plate, rather than follow original plans to fill it with foam concrete.


Read the complete annual review - which also includes a focus on JN Bentley and Mott MacDonald Bentley here.

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