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Directors reflect on the first 10 years of JBA Bentley

With Jeremy Benn and Paul Bentley.

As part of JBA Bentley's 10th birthday celebrations, read below reflections and thoughts on the future, from two leaders of the organisation:

Jeremy Benn:

"JBA Bentley has exceeded all expectations over the last 10 years. From a standing start, we have built a £50+ million turnover profitable business.

"Originally set up to help the Environment Agency deliver its 2015-2021 flood and coastal risk management programme, our client base has expanded to include other land drainage and environmental organisations and key infrastructure providers.

"We have built integrated teams of designers, constructors and other professionals who are delivering innovative, low carbon and sustainable projects. In terms of capacity building we have taken on over 20 apprentices and 30 new graduates many of whom are now professionally qualified.

"The next 10 years will see us continue on our sustainability journey with even greater use of digital technology and innovation to reduce costs and carbon and to provide enhanced biodiversity. We will also continue to invest in the diversity of our workforce and life-long learning."

Paul Bentley:

"We’re proud of JBA Bentley and its successful first 10 years. Often relationships take time to build trust but the rapport between JBA and JN Bentley was instant, and we were quickly into our stride.

“Our clients have been excellent. We’ve always focused on collaborating to create great, sustainable solutions - something we’re committed to doing into the future.

“A highlight has got to be the Foss Barrier (pictured),a scheme of which we are immensely proud. Involved from the very start as part of the emergency response, we saw it through to the end, delivering as complex a project as we have ever undertaken.

"It’s something we’ll always remember being involved with. A proper job.”


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