Ulverston FAS

Project: Ulverston Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS)

Location: Ulverston, Cumbria

Value: £6.1m

Client: Environment Agency

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With a history of flooding, the Cumbrian town of Ulverston required major flood defence improvements to provide 1-in-100 year protection to over 500 properties.

We raised existing defences and refurbished long culverts. Our solution achieved a cost saving of 17% and throughout utilised construction techniques that minimised disruption to the busy market town.

Sheaf Screen

Project: Sheaf Screen

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Value: £2m

Client: Environment Agency

With the screen and associated infrastructure at Sheaf in poor condition, with some elements operating beyond the end of their service life, the asset required modernisation.

Carbon savings in excess of 700T were made as we designed and constructed a new screen and innovative solution for debris clearance, utilising an automatic grab that significantly reduces the number of site visits required by our client's staff.

Great Yarmouth

Project: Great Yarmouth Tidal Defence Project

Location: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Value: £26.5m

Client: Environment Agency

Great Yarmouth has a history of flooding; in 2013, 9,000 people were urged to evacuate when the highest ever tide was recorded on the town’s river.

We have refurbished 4km of existing flood defence walls, raising defences and installing cathodic protection. Instead of just replacing quay piling as originally proposed, we refurbished existing defences, reducing costs on this element
of works by 47% and carbon by 60%.

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Ulverston Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS)