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Project Appraisal and feasibility studies

  • Investigation of inland and coastal flood risk and erosion problems

  • Development and modelling of options.

  • Assessment of costs and benefits/economic analysis

  • Assessment of environmental impacts and benefits

  • Stakeholder engagement


  • Fluvial, coastal and tidal flood defences and impounding structures

  • Coastal erosion and scour protection

  • Pumping and control systems

  • Land remediation

  • Mechanical and electrical installations

Civil engineering construction works

  • Including flood defences, wave and scour protection, impounding and conveyance structures

  • Works associated with water resources, fisheries, ecology, river restoration, habitat creation and recreation.

Coastal works

  • Beach nourishment, dredging, coastal structures

  • Working on or constructing coastal hard flood defences (for example constructed seawall defences and revetment works).

  • Works in a marine environment (for example constructed an outfall, offshore breakwater or placement of rock armour).

Early Supplier Engagement (ESE)

  • Advice on technical solutions, build-ability, value engineering and risk management.

Supervision and contract management

  • Supervision of construction works and mechanical and electrical installations

  • ECC project management

  • CDM coordination services

Specialist engineering design

  • Relating to mechanical, electrical, instrumentation control and automation (MEICA) works

  • Design activities relating to river restoration and 'soft’ engineering solutions

  • Advice on technical solutions and risk management

  • Advice on decommissioning, restoration and land remediation

Specialist construction activities

  • Relating to mechanical, electrical, instrumentation control and automation (MEICA) works

  • Relating to river restoration and 'soft’ engineering solutions

  • Relating to landscape contracting works

Environmental Services

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (Statutory and non statutory)

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment

  • UK and European Environmental Legislation (Water Framework Directive, Habitats Regulations, Countryside and Rights of Way Act. etc)

  • Environmental risk management

  • Environmental clerk of works

  • Advice on town and country planning, heritage, landscape and ecology


  • Advice on economics, partnership funding, community engagement and public relations

  • Communications and public consultations

  • Project management including planning and delivery of programmes/packages of works, risk management and communication

  • Provision of an incident response service for contracts or projects underway

  • Provision of Operation and Maintenance solutions

  • Provision of Design, Build, Maintain and Operate solutions

  • Provision of Turnkey solutions