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The Environment Agency established the Water and Environment Management (WEM) Framework in 2013, giving access to Suppliers in the Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) market. The WEM Framework will be available to all directorates within the Environment Agency, other English Risk Management Authorities (RMAs) and Defra delivery bodies. These include local authorities and internal drainage boards. The framework is also be available to the Welsh Government.

Flood Risk Management Improvement Schemes

The EA is currently delivering its largest ever programme of coastal and alluvial flood risk protection schemes across the UK. WEM is its primary capital delivery vehicle for these schemes and JBA Bentley is one of only 6 consortium involved. In December 2013 and January 2014, the UK suffered prolonged flooding due to a storm surge flood event. JBA-Bentley was called upon to complete emergency construction works and repair damaged or breached flood defenses.

Asset Recovery

Defra subsequently awarded an additional £100m to the Environment Agency for urgent repairs, restoration and maintenance works.  JBA co-ordinated teams of Army personnel undertaking rapid inspections of flood defenses and have worked to develop design solutions to deliver these works.

In early 2014, JBA-Bentley began to deliver recovery schemes including a batch of 12 in Yorkshire and the North Anglian region as part of the EA’s Asset Recovery Programme (ARP), these assets had to be repaired ahead of any storm future storm events.

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Foss Barrier

Built in 1987 in response to severe flooding five years earlier, the Foss Barrier forms an important part of the flood defences of York. A gate can be closed to prevent rising waters in the River Ouse from backing up into the River Foss and flooding parts of the city.

In December 2015 floods hit York once again, with waters rising into the electrical switch room for the incoming mains supply, rendering it inoperable.

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