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Built in 1987 in response to severe flooding five years earlier, the Foss Barrier forms an important part of the flood defences of York. A gate can be closed to prevent rising waters in the River Ouse from backing up into the River Foss and flooding parts of the city.

In December 2015 floods hit York once again, with waters rising into the electrical switch room for the incoming mains supply, rendering it inoperable.


As part of the Environment Agency’s Programme of Work, JBA Bentley were commissioned to construct a new flood defence scheme adjacent to Westleigh Brook to reduce the risk of flooding of adjacent properties.



Concerns were raised about the stability of the channel bank and foreshore of the Dutch River. A tidal surge in early December 2013 caused widespread disruption along the east coast, with many properties flooded and extensive erosion of coastal areas.


Asset Recovery Programme

In 2016, the Environment Agency awarded us a one-year extension to our Asset Repair Programme of Works (ARPW), taking it through to October 2018.

Morepeth Flood Alleviation Scheme

A coarse tree screen had to be installed on the river Wansbeck at Morpeth – a significant white clawed crayfish habitat in the North-East. This involved installing 7 large tubular steel piles into the environmentally-sensitive river. Each tube weighed around 7.5 tonnes and was installed in a pre-drilled shaft through gravel, glacial till and boulders.


Using 3D modelling software like CAD and Sketch-Up, we are able to map out and design structures and elements of our projects.

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