JBA Bentley recieve commendation for works at Orton Sluice

JBA-Bentley were commissioned by the Environment Agency to inspect, scope, design and construct refurbishment works to Orton Sluice, Peterborough. The existing structure was constructed in 1939 and due to the expense of dewatering the structure to thoroughly inspect and maintain the gates, only essential maintenance of the below water equipment had been carried out. When de-watered, the gates were found to be in irreparable condition.

Following a whole life cost analysis, it was found that a replacement of all the superstructure and mechanical and electrical equipment was the most effective use of the Environment Agency’s budget at this site. Hunton Engineering were sub-contracted by JBA-Bentley to carry out the detailed design and construction of the sluice replacements, with JBA acting as design lead and coordinator and JN Bentley acting as Principle Contractor.

The new installation not only replaces the gates and superstructure but also provides a full PSRA compliant safety arrangement, permanent and actuated damboards that will allow cost effective inspection and maintenance in the future, the kiosk will be raised to improve resilience against large floods and a new eel pass will be installed to allow eel migration beyond the sluice structure.

The Environment Agency technical teams and operatives were fully involved through the detailed design development with the use of 3D Computer Aided Design allowing them to visualise all operational and maintenance activities identifying amendments to access and functionality much easier than from 2D drawings.

JBA-Bentley have been awarded the Considerate Constructors Scheme, ‘Performance Beyond Compliance’ for exemplary site setup and welfare facilities, the safe management of public access across the adjacent footbridge, a main thoroughfare, throughout the works and the engagement with local schools regarding the scheme and general safety around construction sites.