Ulverston pupils planting trees for the future

Children at an Ulverston school have helped to plant trees in a new community garden as part of JBA Bentley works to Ulverston Town Beck.

The Environment Agency (EA) and JBA Bentley have been working since 2015 on the Town Beck Flood Alleviation Scheme, an extensive project to repair and rebuild the Town Beck watercourse that flows through and under the town in underground culverts, to increase flood protection for residents and businesses.

As part of the overall Town Beck project, the EA needed to remove a number of trees to complete the work. The EA committed to replace each tree removed with two new trees in a safe area where the trees will be able to grow and prosper.

The new garden, alongside the council’s existing multi-use games area and park, will form a ‘flood plain’ in the event of further severe rainfall and will help protect the nearby homes.

Youngsters on the school council at the nearby school have been getting involved in the project, discussing the community park designs and being told about the flood alleviation work.

On the 9th of November the pupils joined teams of volunteers to help plant some of the new trees.

Ten year-old Lucy Kelly, who helped to plant a bird cherry tree, said: “The tree is already twice my height and I’m going to keep coming back to see how much it grows. One day it’ll be one of the tallest trees here, as big as a house.”

EA Flood Manager, Dan Bond, said: “We have worked in partnership with South Lakeland District, Cumbria County and Ulverston Town councils, Network Rail and United Utilities on the £9.3 million Town Beck Flood Alleviation scheme.

“When completed, it will reduce flood risk to 407 homes and 118 businesses in Ulverston town centre.

“During this intensive project, we had remove a number of trees for the construction to take place, but it’s great that we have replaced them with twice as many being planted.”

The Town Beck scheme is due to be completed by Christmas this year.

For more information on the tree planting please visit Cumbria Crack and for further information on Ulverston Town Beck Flood Alleviation Scheme please visit the project page.