West Leigh

As part of the Environment Agency’s Programme of Work, JBA Bentley were commissioned to construct a new flood defence scheme adjacent to Westleigh Brook to reduce the risk of flooding of adjacent properties.

The works, designed by others, consist of the construction of reinforced concrete flood defence walls and earth embankment flood bund adjacent to the brook, demolition of Clifton Street Bridge, multiple service diversions, strengthening of Sportsman Street bridge and a new entrance off Parsonage Way.

The scheme has had multiple challenges including ducks nesting on the banks of the brook, Wagtails nesting in Sportsman Street bridge, Demon Shrimp, fish breeding season, Japanese Knotweed and contaminated Land. The site is in a residential area with public access routes around the site, limited space for compound and storage. We managed water, gas and high voltage electric diversions adjacent to and beneath brook. Good planning of the works and management of the stakeholders – residents and Wigan Council – allowed us to do the construction works quickly and with minimal disruption to the public.