Ulverston Town Beck Flood Alleviation Scheme


  • Client: The Environment Agency
  • Delivered by: JBA Bentley
  • Location: Ulverston, Cumbria
  • Value: £6m

The historic market town of Ulverston in Cumbria has a history of flooding, causing disruption and misery for the proprietors of over 500 residential and commercial properties. To significantly reduce the flood risk, the Environment Agency, Cumbria County Council and Network Rail, South Lakeland District Council and United Utilities have all partnered to deliver the Ulverston Town Beck Flood Alleviation Scheme, with JBA Bentley appointed as Principal Contractor.

Town Beck lies within a steep catchment; the watercourse is mainly run underground through a culvert beneath Ulverston town centre. We have managed a significant increase in scope since the scheme began, with our construction works now including new raised flood defences along the open channel sections of Town Beck and a new flood storage area to contain flows in storm conditions. We’ve also replaced, repaired and refurbished underground culverts, cladding new structures with locally-sourced stone.

Working literally on the doorstep of properties, customer engagement has been vital. The project has its own website and blog, the team have hosted drop-in sessions, information boards are displayed in the town hall and ‘contact us’ cards have been distributed.

The project incorporates significant temporary works to enable our workforce to safety work within the watercourse, including fluming and over-pumping.

The completed works will improve the standard of flood defence to a 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) - a flood event that has an average recurrence interval of once every 100 years.

Ulverston Town Beck FAS was selected to feature in the 2018 UK Water Projects publication further information can be found here or on the project's website.