Parr Brook Culvert Refurbishment

Parr Brook Culvert is located in a rural and heavily wooded catchment within Bury, Manchester.

The original culvert inlet structure was of irregular shape and had a number of small vertical trash screens and abandoned cast iron penstocks fitted to it. These screens were prone to blinding with large debris which could only be cleared by operations staff wading into the watercourse. This presented a dangerous situation for operatives and potentially for the general.

A design and build team from JBA-Bentley worked with ecology and engineering colleagues from JBA Consulting to refine the original design and deliver a safer and more practical solution to the EA.

A substantial new trash screen arrangement now covers both culvert inlets and provides improved access for operations and maintenance through modification of the headwall and working areas and installation of a new footbridge crossing. General safety improvements to the site were also made, including fencing and new areas of concrete hard standing.