Crindau Pill Flood Alleviation Scheme

In March 2014, JBA Bentley successfully completed a fast-tracked Project Appraisal Report (PAR) and outline design for a £10.5million flood defence scheme for Crindau, South Wales. The scheme has subsequently received grant funding from Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Government.

Against stiff competition, JBA Bentley went on to secure a contract to prepare the detailed design of the scheme and take it through the planning and consenting processes. The project team is led from JBA Consulting’s Newport office, utilising our experience in flood modelling, planning, environmental management and landscape design. The engineering design team is located in the new JBA Bentley office in Leeds. Bridging the distance between Newport and Leeds, the project team is maximising the use of collaborative tools, such as Office365, Sharepoint sites and HD video conferencing.